Lauren Emily woke up one morning and wrote a story about unrequited crushes and a summer production of Cinderella. The story became a novel, which wasn't very good, but Lauren began writing classes at StoryStudio Chicago and scribbling in notebooks on her lunch break. After a lot of false starts and a pop-culture blog, Lauren began writing theater and dance reviews for Chicago Theater Beat and six years later, she's still at it. Her first published story, "We Just Work Together," is now a serial on, for whom she continues to write stories that blend sexy and sweet. Lauren's short story "Thankful" was the One-Handed Read for BUST Magazine's June/July 2017 issue and she has also been published in SELF Magazine. Lauren's young adult novel, Satellite, will be released in late 2017 by World Castle Publishing. Lauren lives in Chicago, where she acts in the occasional Shakespeare play, climbs on things at Aloft Circus Arts, and has an opinionated cat named Versace.